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1812 New Hampshire - 1897 Nebraska

photo of Bethuel -2- Miller
Bethuel -2- Miller

3rd Great Grandfather of Sarah Elizabeth Rose

1) Bethuel was born on 08 Jun 1812 in Dalton, New Hampshire.
He married Amantha Martha Jordan (her parents are unknown), about 1829 in an unknown location. He died on 12 May 1897, (just three weeks shy of his 85th birthday), at Ft. Calhoun, Washington, Nebraska. The names of his other wives were; Sally Hardy and Harriet Maria Perry (Mrs. Williams). 2) Bethuel's middle name may be Jesse, since on son William's Death certificate his father is listed as "Jesse B. Miller". 3) Recorded in Journal History of the Church "Early Members of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints" Volume IV, L-P, page 419; "Bethuel (spelled here as BATHUEL) MILLER joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints at Lincoln, Addison, VT, and was baptised on 01 July 1838, being baptized by P. Brown. " 4) Bethuel is listed on the 1840 Census Addison, Monkton, VT, P 29. 5) On NOV 7, 1840 Bethuel is Recorded as being ; "Set aside for the ministry", ordained a Minister in the Mormon church and also became an ELDER at that time. " Pottowattomie County, Iowa, 5th Ward of Council Bluffs. Source: Page 49 "Journal History of Church of The Latter Day Saints, Membership Records 1830-1848, compiled by Susan Easton Black, Religious Studies Center, BYU 6) Around 1841 He moved with his entire family and brother Willard and Willard's family, first to Nauvoo, IL, then to Macomb, IL. 7) According to the JHC Records; On 15 Apr 1844, Recorded in the LDS General Conference Vol 6 ch 16 p 335, New Hampshire; Bethuel was appointed to labor as a Missionary in NH. "W. Snow 1st, Harley Morley, Howard Egan, and Israel Barlow, Alvin Cooley, David Clough, Sen., John S. Twiss, Calvin Reed, Charles A. Adams, Chilion Mack, BETHUEL MILLER, Isaac Burton, A.D. Boynton." 8) After living in Nauvoo, Il, he is recorded on the 1850 McDonough, IL Census, Bethuel is recorded as being a Farmer. His wife is listed as Martha, (Her middle name). 9) Recorded in 1850 McDonough, Il Census Index # M432-166 Page 319 Line 5 Milller A (Asenith) age 56 b: NH Page 319 Line 3 Miller B (Bethuel) age 37 b: NH 10) Around 1852, they left IL along with the Gilbert and Runyan families, all members of the Mormon Church, in covered wagons heading for Council Bluffs, Iowa, 11) Bethuel is recorded on the 1860 IA Census Index. He was among the early settllers at Kanesville (now called Council Bluffs), IA. It is thought he opened the first brick yard. on the site of old Ft. Atkinson after that fort had been abandoned. 12) During the early 1860's, Bethuel, Amantha, and their children, moved to Salt Lake City, Utah. 13) After Amantha's death in SLC, UT in 1866, Bethuel moved the family to Fort Calhoun, NE. 14) 1870: Bethuel left the LDS and affiliated with the "Reorganized" Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints by attending the DeSoto, Nebraska Branch. Recorded as member of the RLDS (Reorganized LDS Church); 23 Oct 1870 Bethuel Baptised Samuel L. Branton, Omaha Douglas, NE, DeSoto Branch. "Samuel L. Branton was baptized and confirmed a member of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on 23 Oct 1870 at Omaha, Douglas, NE, BY BETHUEL MILLER." Source: RLDS Deceased Files Early Reorganization Minutes, 1782-1905, Book B DeSoto, NE, RLDS Branch Records. Source: Early Reorganized Minutes 1852-1871 Book A P 619 Source: Early Reorganized Minutes 1872-19905 Book B & C 15) See attached Marriage License to Sally Hardy, dated 04 August, 1879. Bethuel is listed as age 73, and Sally as 69. 16) See attached article from the "Blair Pilot", FT. Calhoun NE; "Elder Bethuel Miller, 84, fell down the cellar steps at Henry Rix's store and was seriousely injured. He was taken to his brothers, W.F. Miller's home on 13th Street." dated December 11, 1890. 17) The Blair Pilot, article dated Jan 10, 1895: 41 years ago a colony of people left Macomb, Il, for Kanesville, IA (Council Bluffs). Most of them finally got across MO River and settled on WC, and FTC (Ft. Calhoun?). Bethuel and William F. Miller in 1866 after Jesse Murphy and family from VA to PA to FTC, by mule team and wagon. Bethuel Miller bought the mules, drove them to Salt Lake City. The mules may still be there but BM now over 89, owns and lives on a small part of the farm Jesse Murphy first lived on in FTC. 18) The Blair Pilot, article dated Dec 12 1895: "Bethuel Miller, FTC, Pioneer of Kanesville, FTC, and Salt Lake City, still sawing wood and will be 91 on Jun 8, 1896." 19) The Blair Pilot, 04 Apr 1895: "Aged Bethuel Miller very sick and at the home of son David on old Fort Grounds." 20) At the time of his death, Bethuel was employed as a Blacksmith in Fort Calhoum and also ran a rooming house. 21) Although no record was found in the IA Death Index for Pottawattamie, Co, IA 1880-1919, I was able to locate an obit for him; See attached obit; The Blair Pilot, (Blair, NE), dated 17 May 1897 "Pioneer, Bethuel Miller, who was buried in the Ft. Calhoun Cemetery today, was over eighty five years old. He was born in Vermont and emigrated in an early day to Nauvau, Il, and afterwards to Macomb. He left Macomb for Iowa in 1853 and was among the early settlers at Kanesville (Council Bluffs), and Ft. Calhoun after spending two years in Salt Lake City. He opened the first Ft. Calhoun brick-yard on the site of old Ft. Atkinson that was opened after the abandonment of the fort. He was married several times and leaves several children that are now widely scattered, but has for several years lived here with his youngest son, David, on old Fort Grounds. The services were conducted by Rev. Parker. Three of his sons came for the funeral; Cornelius, of Cresent City, Iowa, and Joseph and William, of council Bluffs, IA." 22) Although I don't have many details (such as whose baby this is, I found the following at the Washington County Gen. Soc. and will record it here as I read it; Hopefuly another researcher will be able to connect this child to it's rightful parents. "Bethuel Miller, of Irvington=6 months baby + on 6th month day, = buried Ft. Calhoun, beside it's grandfather." NOTE: The Mormon records state Bethuel was born in Lincoln, VT and mar: VT

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1811 Vermont - 1866 Salt Lake City, Utah
We don't yet have a photo of our Pioner Ancestor, Amantha.
AMANTHA MARTHA JORDAN PIONEER ANCESTOR (lived 55 years) Generation #7 1) Amantha is listed in the Mormon Church Records; (Film # 026533) She was born on 29 Sep 1811 in Waterbury, Cheshire, VT. She married Bethuel Miller abt 1829 at an unknown location. She died on 04 Nov 1866 at Cottonwood, Salt Lake City, UT. 2) Amantha had a very difficult life; Travelling with her husband, she left Vermont in abt 1838, heading for IL with her two young children, Cornelius abt eight, and Amanda Loduska, just an infant, they first went to Nauvoo, IL, and according to the next record I have for them they went on to MaComb, McDonough, IL, where Amantha gave birth to Eber Samuel in 1840 and to daughter Elizabeth in 1847. The birth year for Bethuel Moroni (or Moroni Bethuel), is unknown, but he was with Amantha when she was next uprooted from her home. This time she accompanied her husband by wagon train, walking across the hot, dry plains to Iowa Territory. While at Council Bluffs, Iowa Amantha gave birth to three more children in quick succession; Martha Amantha, (Amantha's namesake) in 1852, (Prior to this time Amantha was called by her middle name of Martha, and after the birth of her namesake she is called Amantha), William F. Bill in 1853, and her baby, Joseph Andrew, in 1856. Sometime after Joseph's birth, Amantha was obligated to uproot herself and her children from her home once more, and to accompany her husband to another new and foreign location. This time it appears she had to care for at least six of her children, (based on their ages), as they walked alongside a mule team and wagon, to UT The family arrived in Salt Lake City, UT in the early 1860's and this is where Amantha remained until her death from Lung Fever, in 1866. 3) Proof of birth and death; see attached documentation; "Death Records for 1848-1870 Salt Lake City, Utah" # 2853, p 72 Town; Cottonwood / Miller Amantha / Wife of Bethuel Miller / born 29 Sep 1811 Waterbury, Cheshire, VT died; 04 Nov 1866 of Lung Fever. 4) Proof of birth and death; Official Letter to Sarah Rose (27 Jul 1999), from Salt Lake City Corporation (Cemetery) which states;"Here is the information that you requested concerning the burial of Amantha Miller. Our records indicate that Amantha was born September 29, 1811 in Cheshire, VT, and died 04 Nov 1866 in Salt Lake City, UT. Her location is Plat A - Block 3 - Lot 10 - So 1/2. It has been highlighted on the enclosed map to show you. signed; Huey P. Byron, Sexton. 5) In my research I (Sarah Elizabeth Rose) have discovered a Josiah Jordan born 1810 in cheshire, VT. This data bears further research as I believe this Josiah may be the brother to our Amantha. Perhaps following up on this lead could produce the names of Amantha's parents. 6) Also recorded on SLC Death Records 1848-1870, Record # 2853, p 72.

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1838 Kentucky - 1911 Kansas

1) 1840 IN Census, Jackson Co., Brownstown Twp; Thomas prob with his father; 1 wm 5-10 yrs 2) Recorded in 1850 IN census, p 206, Jackson Co., IN, Brownstown Twp. John wm 39, b. NC farner Mahala wf, 36, b. KY children; THOMAS, 16, KY, (THIS ONE SAYS BORN IN KY) James 14, IN, Henis, 12, IN, Amanda, 10, IN, Lucinda, 08, IN, Maria,04, IN, Samuel, 02 mos, IN 3) On the 1860 KS Census, Jefferson Co, page 381, Thomas lists his place of birth as IN, but on the 1850 census, Jackson Co., IN, Brownstown Twp. his place of birth is listed as KY. Thomas Banks wm 25 IN personal estate $300. (THIS ONE SAYS BORN IN INDIANA) Sarah A. (his wife) wf 24, b. IN Mahala Banks, wf 02, b. IN Sylvester Kinkade, wm 31, farmer, b. IN (Looks like this may be Thomas's wife, Mariah's brother - no wife listed for Sylvester, she may have died. Appears that Sarah is caring for her 5 year old nephew, James.) James A. Kinkade, wm 05, b. IN NOTE: Can Kinkade be Sarah's family name? 4) 1870 Census; Washington Co., NE p 450 Desoto Pct. Thomas Banks wm 35 day laborer, real estate $100, personal estate $300 b KY (THIS ONE SAYS BORN IN KY) wife: Orpha (THIS ONE SAYS WIFE: ORPHA--2nd wife?) son: Charles NOTE: Thomas's brother, James is listed on this same page. 5) 1880 Douglas Co., NE; Only Orpha and children are listed here. Based on first son's birthdate I would estimate Tom and Orpha married about 1867/68. Charles Orsen b: 30 Apr 1869, De Soto, Washington, NE Emily b: abt 1871 NE John b: abt 1871 NE Thomas Jefferson (Jr.) b: 02 Jan 1875 Omaha, Douglas, NE Perley May b: abt 1878 NE

4) Rev. William   REV. WILLIAM SNETHEN
1823 Ohio - 1891 Iowa

photo of Rev. William Snethen
Rev. William Snethen

Notes for Rev. William SNETHEN: The source for much of the following is the Troy Library, Library District # 1 troylib@ccp.com Sarah Elizabeth Rose did the research and gava the compiled list of resources to look up, to Ruth Stude, who went to the library in KS and made hard copies for Ruth and Sarah. 1) William like his father, was also a preacher. He was ordained in 1852 at the Spoon River. Conferenence, Marshall Co. Illinois. He and family lived in Fulton Co. [Illinois?] about 1852; they later moved to Iowa. 2) Occupation: preacher Fulton Co, IL Residence: ABT 1842 Fulton Co, IL or IN Residence: 1859 Iowa 3) Father: Abraham SNETHEN b: 15 JAN 1794 in Bourbon County, KY Mother: Lydie RICHARDS (RICHARDSON?) b: ABT 1794 in Essex County, NY 4) Marriage 1 Susannah JAMES b: Abt 1822 Married: 1 DEC 1842 in White Co, IN 5) Marriage 2 Sarah HALL b: ABT 1822 Married: 9 OCT 1849 in White Co, IN 6) 1850 Census Carroll Co., IN Rock Creek (Lockport) (this William is too old, and may be Abraham's brother, William, and not our William). 7) (rec'd copy from Ruth Stude 14 Jan 2003) 1870 Census IA, Monroe Co, , Cedar Twp, p 319 Snethen, William 51 /farmer / 800 / 400 / born Ohio Susanna 46 keeps house, born IN Rollan 22 William 15 James 12 Henry 06 Eli 04 Jerusha 1012 Wicks Lydia 24 Henry 05 8) (Have copy) Final Receiver's Receipt # 5988 Application # 4197 Homestead Receiver's Office Concordia, KS, Aug 30, 1877. Received of William Sneathen the sum of four dollars, 0 cents, being the balance of payment required by law for the entry of A. E. 1/4 of Section 32 in Twp 6 S of Range 4 East containing 160 acres, under section 2291 of the Revised statutes of the United States. $4.00 signature (can't decipher it), Receiver. Filed Sept 13th Oct 1877 at 11:o'clock a.m. A true copy attest (can decipher signature), Register of Deeds." 9) 1880 FHL Film# 1254376 (NA Film # T9-0376) Page # 117D Census, Goshen Twp., Clay Co., KS Wm. M. Snethen b: 1824 / OH / 56 yrs / Occ: Farmer / Marital : Div / Race: W / Father born: VA Mother born: MA Henry U. Snethen / son / age 16 / born IA / Works on fam farm / f b: OH / m b: IN Jonathen E. Snethen / son / 14 / born Ia / At home / father b: OH / mother b: IN Also on this page is R.A. (Rollo) Snethen as head of household: marriage: Single / w / age 32 / born MO / Farmer / father b: OH / mother b: IN Also listed in Council Bluffs, Pott, IA, FHL # 1254361 page 327, is: T.S. Snethen male age 30, born IN, Farmer Father born PA, Mother born PA Anna wife w, 26, b: IN, keeps house, father born KY, mother born IN Alta E. Dau age 9, born IA father: IN Mother IN Ausgood son age 08 born IA Clyde son age 06 born KS John son age 04 born IA Oran son age 01 born IA 10) (Have Copy of both) a) 1887 Real Estate Transfer Vol 24, p 130 Records of Deeds b) from: "The Weekly Kansas Chief, 1886-1887, p 104" Real Estate Transfers For Oct 1887 Nov 24, 1887: "From Marquis D. L. Senor to: Wm. Snethen." 11) (Have Copy) 1888 Tax Book of Centre Twp, Troy, Doniphan Co, KS: William Snethen Lot: 3, Total value: $157 / Consolidated Fund $425 / Dist. School $157/ City Tax $79 / Total $330 & 425 / Penalty for Dec $33 / Penality for Mar $ 33 / Remarks: Paid, Mr. Snethen. 12) (Have Copy) a) Newspaper Notice; The Weekly KS Chief, Aug 09, 1888: "William Snethen of Troy, cast his 1st vote in 1840, for Harrison, at Monticello, Indiana." b) Also this; "VETERAN--Wm. Snethen of Troy, cast his first vote in 1840, for Harrison. He voted at Monticello, White County, Indiana." 13) (Have Copy) 1889 Tax Book of Centre Twp., Troy, Doniphan Co., KS Wm Snethen Lot 3. Total $ 110 / Consolidated Fund $ 407 / Dist School $ 132/ City Tax $ 55 / Total $ 297 and 378 / Pen for Dec $ 29 / Remarks: Paid, Mr. Snethen. 14) (Have Copy) Mortgage Indenture 12 Sep 1889---Deed Book Vol 22, p 603 (3 pages) 15) (Have Copy) 1890 Census, KS, Clay Co., Goshen Twp. P 1170 (12) William Snethen 36, Farmer, born OH, Father born VA, mother born MA Henry U. 16, works on farm born IA, father born OH, mother born IN Jonathan E. 14, at home, born IA, father born OH, mother born IN 16) (Have Copy) 1890 Tax Records: "Doniphan County Residents in 1890" (compiled from tax records), by John Ostertag.: William Snethen # School District 60 / age 67 F S Snethen age 40 G.A.Snethen (female) age 35 Nancy Snethen age 59 All living in Troy, KS 17) On page 79 of The Weekly Kansas Chief, 1890-1891: "Elder Snithen (notice spelling), and wife have gone to Council Bluffs to visit their children in Council Bluffs." 18) (Have Copy) Aug 13, 1891 The Weekly KS, Chief (Tax List) "W. Snethen Lot 3, Block 24, Tax 604 19) (Have Copy) Obit: William Snethen" Died of Malaria "Weekly Kansas Chief, 1890-1891" Obit on page 91: "Elder Snethen died Jan 6, (1890) at Council Bluffs. He was buried in the "Soldiers Cemetery". Brother Snethen was born in Montogomery Co., OH, near Dayton on Nov 6, 1823. He was the father of 13 children, 7 now living, 6 sons and 1 daughter. His father was a preacher before him, in KY, and was called "The Barefoot Preacher". Brother Snethen has preached 46 years, 25 of that time in KS." 20) On pag 84, Weekly Kansas Chief, Vol 7, 1890-1891: "Elder Snithen died at Council Bluffs, Tuesday. He was about 72. Born in Montgomery County, OH. He served in the Rebellion. " Note: Sarah E. Rose gave Ruth Stude multiple references, and Ruth went to KS, where she retrieved the hard copies: Obituary information for Wm. Snethen in The Weekly Kansas Chief newspaper on Jan. 8, 1891, page 3: "According to the newspaper obituary, William Snethen was born Nov-06-1823 in Montgomery County, OH, near Dayton and was the father of 13 children. His father was a preacher before him, in Kentucky, and was called "the Barefoot Preacher". William Snethen died Jan. 6, 1891 of Malarial fever, at his youngest son's home in Council Bluffs, IA. William was living in Troy, Doniphan Co., KS. He was visiting his son in Council Bluffs, IA and looking to move back there. He died in his son's home and his funeral was also in his son's home. The obituary states he was buried in the "Soldiers Cemetery", but did not say it was Council Bluffs, IA, but I believe it is. The obituary states the local lady that sang at Wm. funeral also sang at his "first wife's funeral". This should be Susan James Snethen, so I believe she is also buried in Council Bluffs, IA, but that is not confirmed. Wm. Snethen preached 46 yrs., 25 years of that time in Kansas. He was associated with others in securing a charter in the state of Kansas under the name of "The Christian Church" and his denomination is the only one so chartered (at the time). 21) (Hve copy) The Weekly KS Chief, Jan 8, 1891 "Elder Snethen Dead--A letter received in Troy from Mrs. Snethen, brings news that Elder William Snethen died at Council Bluffs, Iowa, about 11:0'clock, Tuesday. His death must have been sudden, as a letter we published from him last week, reported them as enjoying themselves. They had gone to Council Bluffs, several weeks ago to visit their children. Mr. Snethen was somewhere in the neighborhood of 70 years of age. he was born in Montgomery County, Ohio, and served in the Rebellion. He was a preacher in that branch of the Christian Church commonly known as Newlights, and was a good man and citizen. We regret to learn of his death. 22) (Have Copy) MEMORIAL The Weekly Kansas Chief, Thursday, Jan 22, 1891: "Elder Snethen died Jan 6, 1891, of malarial fever, at his youngest son's home, in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Ever since leaving the army, he had been afflicted with sciatic rheumatism, and had also for a long time, a heart trouble. He and Mrs. Snethen left home Dec 15th to pay his son a visit of a few weeks. On Christmas day there was a family reunion. Forty-two persons were present, all but three of them relatives. It was his purpose to remove to Council Bluffs, and with that in view, went out the morning after Christmas to look for a suitable location. In the evening of the same day he was taken sick, and lingered twelve days, during which he suffered much. For three days and nights he had not slept. But from the first he was in a happy state of mind. He quoted a great deal of scripture, prayed much, and sang more than he had ever been known to do. He was conscious to the end. His last words to his wife were; "My work is done. The last work I had to do, was to make a minister of you." The services were at the house, and were under the direction of the G.A.R. Post. The sermon was by Elder C. Munroe, of The Disciples Church, from Paul's words; "I have fought a good fight. I have finished my course. I have kept the faith." Also, from the words of John; "I go to prepare a place for you." He was laid to rest in the beautiful Soldiers Cemetery. At Mrs. Snethen's request, one of the gospel hymns, "Shall we gather at the river?" was sung at the grave; and it was a remarkable coincidence, unknown to Mrs. Snethen till afterwards, that a colored woman who joined in the singing was one to take part in singing that same hymn at the grave of Mr. Snethen's first wife, twenty years before. Brother Snethen was born in Montgomery Co., OH, near Dayton, Nov 6, 1823. He had been the father of thirteen children. Seven are now living; six sons and one daughter. He was a member of the Christian demonination, sometimes known as New Lights, which is not to be confounded with the Campbelites. His father was a preacher before him, in Kentucky, and was called "The Barefooted Preacher." He once allowed Alexander Campbell to preach in his house, when the latter was getting together his followers , about the year 1827. The Christian Church (New Light) entedated? the Campbelite Church several years and had it's origin in this way; 1st; The O'Kelly secession from the M.E.Church took place in 1793. His followers were first called Republican methodists, but afterwards Christians. 2nd; A Baptist Church was formed in 1800, by Dr. Abner Jones, of Hartland, VT. He had many followers from the Baptists, Free Will Baptists, and others. 3rd; A body of Presbyterians of KY and TN seceeded from the parent church, in 1801, and took the name of "Christian" in 1803. One of these bodies it is said, accidentally discovered one of the others, and upon finding that their views were very similar, exclaimed, "We have found a New Light." These three Societies united, and formed the Christian Church, often called New Lights. the denomination has a college in Lincoln Center, KS, and several other educational institutions in different States. the writer remembers having heard Brother Snethen say that the first religious paper published in this country was published by their church. It was called The Herald of Gospel Liberty, and is still published at Dayton, OH, under the same name. Brother Snethen preached 46 years--twenty-five years of that time in KS. He was associated with others in securing a charter in the state of KS under the name of "The Christian Church, " and his denomination is the only one so chartered. Their principles are as follows; 1. The Holy Bible our rule of faith and 2. Christ the only head of the church.'3. Christian character the only test of fellowship. 4. Individual interpretation of scripture the right and duty of all. 5. The union of all followers of Christ, without controversay. From the above, it appears that there is very little difference between them and the evangelical demoninations. They are extremely liberal in their treatment of those who differ with them as to the mode of baptism, receiving members from other churches without rebaptism, if the applicant is satisfied in his own conscience. Many of the Quakers who do not believe in any kind of water baptism, but only in the baptism of the Holy Spirit, are members of this church. Brother Snethen's life was very exemplary. Many a pleasant chat have we had together at his house, on topics social and religious. He made a pleasant call, a few days before his departure for Iowa. He will be missed from this community by many friends. "Let me died the death of the righteous, and let my last end be like his." H.N.Pond. 23) William Snethen Probate Records can be found at the Doniphan County Courthouse. The date it was filed is 21 Jan 1891. The File number is # 707 24) (Have copy) Administratrix's Notice: Jan 29, 1891 "Estate of William Snethen, Deceased, On the 21st day of Jan 1891, the undersigned ws appointed by the Probate Court of Doniphan CO, KS, Administratrix of the estate of William Snethen, deceased, late of said CO. All persons indebted to said estate will make immediate payment to the undersigned; and those havng claims against the estate will present the same for payment as required by law. Troy, KS, Jan 24, 1891 Nancy E. Snethen, Administratrix. Jan 29, 1891" 25) (Have Copy) Weekly Kansas Chief Jan 1892/1893, page 40: "John Lambe and Mrs. Nancy E. Snethen joined hands and hearts here today, August 1st. Mr. Lambe is a resident of Warren County, Iowa, and Mrs. Snethen formerly lived in Doniphan County, Kansas. Mr. Lambe is 72 and she is 6 years younger. Mr. Lambe is a Minister." NOTE: This means Nancy was born circa 1826. 26) From Ruth Stude (Dec 2002) : William died Jan-06-1891 in Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie Co., IA. His last residence was Troy, Doniphan Co., KS William Snethen's name did not show up on the Doniphan County, KS tombstone readings. Wm. Snethen's probate records, file number is # 707, are in Doniphan County, KS at Troy. I copied his deeds, probate records, and tax records. They show that he lived and owned the house and lot in the ORIGINAL TOWN DIVISION OF TROY, Lot 3, Block 24. This is now Liberty Street and the lot is 3rd. house south of the courthouse on the east side. The house Snethens lived in is no longer there. Nancy E. Snethen was the Administratrix of the estate for Wm. Snethen. Wm. was on the tax roll for Doniphan Co., city of Troy in 1888, 1889, 1890 and his estate in 1891. Nancy E. Snethen, his wife, is listed on some of the probate records as are his children Lydia J. (Snethen Scheer) Allen, William J. Snethen, R.A. Snethen, F.S.(Fleming Scott) Snethen, J.F. (James Franklin) Snethen, Henry U. Snethen, and John E. (Jonathan E.) Snethen. 1875 Kansas State census record shows that a William Snethen, age 54 yrs., Clergyman born in OH was in the township of Ottumwa, Coffey County, Kansas, page 9. Listed is his wife, (M.E. or N.E.) Snethen, 49 yrs. old born in OH, but no children are listed with them. But in the 1800 census, Wm. is shown as single. See the census below to confuse us more! The approx. ages would be that Nancy was, 49 years, and William, 52 yrs. In 1875 KS census in Goshen, Clay Co., there is an another William Snethen, 45 yrs. old, born in OH with wife Ellen N., 45 yrs. born OH, and children Ulysses 12 yrs. born IA, and Jonathan 10 yrs. born IA. Wm. had sons Henry Ulysses and Jonathan but who is Ellen N., maybe Nancy Ellen?? The parent's ages aren't right for our couple, but the boys ages are! --- Their neighbor is R.A. Snethen, 25 yrs., born OH which should be Rolla A. the son of OUR Wm. Snethen. This is confusing!! There is often mistakes in census and census takers were allowed to gather information from sources outside the family. I'm now leaning towards the Goshen, Clay Co., KS census being our Wm. and Nancy E. Snethen, especially since he was there in 1880 and his son is a neighbor. Plus because of the children listed that should have been with him. --- No marriages for William Snethen & Nancy E. or for Nancy E. Snethen & John Lamb were listed in Doniphan County. William was listed single on the 1880 census Goshen, Clay Co., KS and if the above 1875 census was him and Nancy, perhaps he divorced and remarried her???? We need to check Coffey County and Clay County, KS for a marriage record. Probably married in Kansas, anyway. I know Wm. Snethen married Nancy E. after Susannah ... then Nancy E. Snethen married the John Lamb from Warren County, IA as stated in the newspaper index as published on Aug. 1, 1892. The paper was The Weekly Kansas Chief, published in Doniphan Co., KS, so it looks as if they were married there, but I couldn't find a marriage license for them. They could get it in another county and still marry in Doniphan Co., KS. In my computer notes I have entered the aka "Nancy E. Powell Snethen Lamb" but I didn't note the source….ugh! So Powell could be her maiden name. Copied: Clay Co., KS Patent Record, Homestead Certificate No. 5988, Application 4197; claim of William Snethen for the South East quarter of Section thirty two, in Township Six South, of Range four East. Dated May 29th, 1880, recorded in Vol. 12, pg. 361. Also the Final Receiver's Receipt No. 5988, for Application No. 4197 for Wm. Sneathen (for the same above), containing 160 acres. 27) (Have Copies of all ) Probate Court Records: a) Application for Letters of Administration 20 Jan 1891 In the matter of the Estate of William Snethen, late of said County, deceased. Pm tjos 20th day of Jan 1891, Nancy appeared, being duly sworn, says William died without a will. Heirs are listed as: Nancy, his widow, R. Snethen, (can't read, A. Scott, J. Snethen, Henry, John. personal estate consists chiefly of 1 team horses and buggy, 1 cow,, Bess, Shed, House, and Lot in Troy. Estimated value at five hundred dollars. Nancy petitions to be made Administrator. Signature and seal of Judge, (can't make out signature), and signed by Mrs. N. Snethen b) Letters of Administration. Recorded in Book 3, p 180, 21 Jan 1891. Signed by Judge. c) Allowance of Demand by the Probate Court. 23 Mar 1891 d) Newspaper Announcement of the "Administraters Notice" and legal court paper which goes with it. Dated 25 Jan 1891. e) 21 Jan 1891 Adjudgement f) Administrator's Bond 21 Jan 1981 g) 14 Mar 1891 Order of Sale of Real Estate h) 28 Mar 1891 Appointment of Appraisers i) 21 Jan 1891 Administrator's Oath (with monies listed) 28) (Have Copy) 17 Feb 1891 Petition to Sell Real Estate for the payment of debt ( 2 pages) 05 Mar 1891 Petition by Administrator to Sell Real Estate. (3 pages) 29) (Have Copy) 15 Jul 1891 Ded Book, Vol 27, p 230 Administrator's Deed (2 pages) 30) (Have Copy) 18 Jul 1891 Report of Sale of Real Estate (2 pages) 31) From Ruth Stude on 29 Feb 2004: Marriage Licenses, Clay County, Kansas William M. Snethen, age 53 yrs., and Nancy E. Powell (this confirms her surname) age, 53 yrs., married on Nov. 22, 1883 by L. H. Holt, Baptist Minister, in Clay Center, Clay County, KS (note ages differ, Wm. was born Nov. 6, 1823 age on Nov. 22, 1883 should be 60 yrs. and I thought Nancy should be about 57 yrs.?? according to census info.) .... but Nancy is his third wife!! I got a surprise when I found the next one. William M. Snethen, age 56 yrs., and Sarah E. Hamer, age 49 yrs., married on October 6, 1880 by Probate Judge John F. Ryerson in Clay Center, Clay Co., KS. Sarah Hamer Snethen died in 1882 and is buried in the Fancy Creek Cemetery, Clay Co., KS. Her grave does not have a stone. Wm. Snethen born Nov. 6, 1823 (56 yrs. old in Oct. 1880) and his son Rollings A. Snethen in Goshen twp., Clay Co., KS, and Clay Center town lots owned by Rollings A. Snethen. But I did not find land records or other records for Wm. M.’s son, William Jasper Snethen born 1855 (25 yrs. old in 1880). So I do not think that Wm. Jasper is the Wm. Snethen that married Sarah Hamer, considering the age is a match for Wm. M., also. I had noted that from “Charlotte Kelly – thru Gwen Bjorkman” that William Jasper Snethen was thought to have a wife by the name of Helen Miller. Henry U. Snethen age 21 yrs. and Mary E. Mitchell age 15 yrs. on Dec. 4, 1884 in Clay Center, Clay Co., KS by Rev. J. F. Dennis John E. Snethen age 20 yrs. and Carrie E. Loveland age 18 yrs. on August 1, 1885 in Clay Center, Clay Co., KS by Newton Allen, Probate Judge. Deeds: Wm. M. Snethen in Goshen twp., Clay Co., KS (copied) Rollings A. Snethen in Goshen twp., Clay Co., KS (copied) and a quite a few Clay Center town lots (didn’t copy) Sarah, Carolyn, and Jer, Good grief!! I had the 1875 census KS, Clay Co., Goshen twp, pg 14. for Wm. & Ellen N. Snethen. I thought that was Nancy E. Powell Snethen and that her name was Ellen Nancy or Nancy Ellen. Now that I got all the marriage licenses, I see this was before his marriages to Sarah E. Humer in 1880 or to Nancy E. Powell in 1883. So perhaps he had ANOTHER wife between Susannah and Sarah!!?? -- Ruth

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1824 Indiana- 1870 Iowa

photo of edith wilson
Susannah James

Suzanna JAMES: 1) Exact relationship to "The James Brothers" is not proven yet, however there is historical mention made of how the James Boys would go to visit "Grandma Lamb". "Lamb" is also the surname of one of the wives of Abraham Snethen. 2) Susannah is supposedly the Aunt of the notorious Jesse James. This will require additional research to prove or disprove. 3) 03 Dec 2002: Hi Sarah: O.K. I went through another big envelope of James correspondence and I found her. Hope she is still there. The correspondence was between 1974 and 1976. She did not answer my letter in 1977. Mrs Charlotte Kelly 1506 - 4th St. SW Altoona, IA 50009 phone: 967-4493 She mentions that in 1974 she was librarian for the Iowa Genealogical Society, so that might be a good place to check to see if they have any record of her. What I sent you were the notes that Charlotte sent to me. Just read all of these letters and there is no proof. Charlotte says it is just conjecture from the fact that Susannah James and William Snethen married in White Co. and that the names of their children were names used in the James family. So you are right. You are stuck and the DAR will never accept that kind of proof. Gwen Boyer Bjorkman gwenbj@seanet.com Nov 2003: From Ruth Stude; Sarah, Jer Rathmann has found Wm and Susannah on the 1860 IA census. Below is our correspondence, today. ---------------- 4) From Ruth Stude on 04 Mar 2004 Susannah Snethen (Mrs William) is BURIED at Eldorado Cemetery: located in IA, Monroe Co., Cedar twp. in Section 2. This is about 3 miles southwest of Marysville, IA. ELDERADO CEMETERY Cedar Twp, Monroe, Marysville, Iowa http://www.iamonroe.org/cemetery/elderado.html Census taken 17 Jul 1997: http://www.iamonroe.org/cemetery/data/elderado.txt Birthdates calculated from age on stone if given. * - Data from WPA records - no stone found LOC SURNAME FIRSTNAME MIDDLENAME BIRTHDATE DEATHDATE Vet NOTES 33 Snethen Susanna 1870/7/21 (Mrs. Wm.) age 45yrs 7mos ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- November 10, 2003 Ruth, I found a census record for 1860--Monroe County-Cedar Township-Iowa that confuses me. It reads as follows: #478/428 William Snethen 39 Farming OH Lydia J Snethen 35 Domestic Work IN Susannah Snethen 16 Domestic Work IN Bolin J Snethen 13 MO Fleming Snethen 11 IL Elijah Snethen 8 IL William Snethen 5 IL James F Snethen 1 Iowa The ages for William and James F match up with the 1870 census. Who is Lydia J and where is Susannah James? Susannah 16 was probably Susannah and Williams first child. But that still does not explain Lydia. Jerry ------------- November 10, 2003 Jer, Good work! I have been trying to find them in the 1860 census and couldn't see them on indexes. It appears that whoever gave the information mixed up Susannah (wife) and Lydia Jane (daughter) of William Snethen on this census. Lydia Jane is my great-great grandmother who married Fritz Scheer. Bolin should be "Rollin". Wm.'s daughter, Susan died as a baby in about Mar. 25, 1854, but don't know her birth date. This family group is also on 1870 census (Wm. & Susannah) IA, Monroe Co., Cedar twp., pg. 319 (11) Although I can find the census with the info you gave me, can you also give me the page number to make it easier? -- Ruth --------- November 10, 2003 -- From Jer I just received the following and thought I would share with everyone. Maybe it will help you in needing to search the census records. It does work and does not cost anything - free till Dec. 15th and you don't have to sign up and then cancel like some of the other sites require. Happy hunting! http://riversideregionallibrary.org/ Once there, scroll down to the link "HeritageQuest Online" Clicking on that will bring up a "log in" box Type "welcome" in the password slot (in lower case without quote marks) and strike your "enter" key or click on the login button on screen Now you have to click on the (in red) HeritageQuest Online link again Now click on "Search Census" You are now (finally) ready to access copies of actual census pages. NOTE WELL that on the "page" the census image starts loading onto there are two links, viz., A and B. If the name you clicked on is not on the first image loaded, click on the B link to bring up a second image. ======= It is Image 61 and 62 in ancestry.com. They print better. Jerry ------------------------ Ruth, Susannah James had another sister named Lydia. Another reason for believing we have the right Susannah. Phebe who married Flemmon Scott and Lydia who married Burrell Smith were sisters. They were all sisters to my great grandfather Thomas Harless James. I gave you the info from my data base listing Thomas James siblings didn't I. If not, let me know, and I will. Thomas named one of his children Lydia as well. The family used each others names a lot. Which adds to the confusion. Thomas and Lydia stayed in MO so they were close. Jer -------------- November 10, 2003 Jer, I don’t remember the Thomas James data base. I have that you sent : Modified Register for Joseph JAMES -- which included Thomas James so this maybe what you meant James -- BurrellSmith_LydiaJamesMarriageRecord James -- ElizaJames35 James – HIRAMLEWISJAMESWPISTOLS James -- MiltonSIMMONS-ElizabethJAMESMarriage Indiana Magazine of History , 36 (1940):29-33 Clark Cemetery of the Old Scott Settlement -- Ruth -------------------------------------------- From Ruth Stude 04 Mar 2004: I found Susannah James Snethen’s grave!! Finally! Susannah and William Snethen are listed on the 1870 census as in IA, Monroe Co., Cedar twp. which is near Marysville, IA. That is where I found her grave, in Cedar twp.! So I feel good about saying that is where she died, in Cedar twp., near Marysville, IA. and is buried in Eldorado cemetery in Cedar twp. See this listing and other graves on line. You can go to the last site I've listed for that page, or see all the other Monroe Co. cemeteries listed going on to Eldorado cemt. in these steps. http://www.iamonroe.org/cemetery/cemetery.html click on Elderado (on USGA map it is Eldorado) for the next page. (see other cemt. here also) http://www.iamonroe.org/cemetery/elderado.html at the bottom of the page, click on “Census taken July 17th, 1977 by Steven Stewart” for this page … http://www.iamonroe.org/cemetery/data/elderado.txt (or just use this site for that page) Eldorado Cemetery: located in IA, Monroe Co., Cedar twp. in Section 2. This is about 3 miles southwest of Marysville, IA. death date listed as yr/mo/day #33 Snethen Susanna 1870/ 7 / 21 (Mrs. Wm.) age 45yrs 7mos -- Ruth From Ruth Stude 04 Mar 2004 It sure helps to know where you want to search. Here is a record of Susannah's (Susanna) year of birth with the grave information. NOW if I can just get her obituary, we may have proof of her parents!! Wouldn't that be great?! from http://www.obitcentral.com/cemsearch/ia-cem.htm (a good site to search for obituaries & graves) I searched and found (This shows her birthdate also). It is possible that the other two graves are William Jasper Snethen and his wife Helen Snethen. (Wm. J. Snethen is the son of Wm. & Susannah, I had his birth as 1855 and death as 1928 which is show on Helen's info. .. Hmmm. The date for his death listed here is odd, a typo?) also see http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/ia/monroe/cemeteries/wpa/swpa.txt Surname First Middle Birth Death Cemetary Twp Veteran Notes Name: Name: Date: Date: Snethen Helen . 1855 1928 Woodlawn Lovilia . wife of W. J. Snethen Susanna . 1825 1870/7/21 Eldorado Cedar . (Mrs. Wm.) Snethen W. J. 1859 13686 Woodlawn Lovilia . . -- Ruth

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1842 Ohio - 1903 Iowa

photo of Jacob Homer Searles
Jacob Homer Searles

JACOB HOMER SEARLES: 1) Jacob was born 1841 in Meigs, Co., OH. He fought in the Civil War as follows taken from The Soldiers Discharg Book 1&2 Vol 1 page 296; 1a) Enlisted Nov. 20 -1861 age 25 Ohio In company C - 3rd Cavalry Regiment Ohio Transferred on 01 April from company C to compact K He was a Blacksmith . 1b) 1st Corporal, unit Company K, 13th Regiment, West Virginia Volunteers, Infantry. enrolled Oct 03, 1863. Discharged June 22, 1865 at Wheeling West Virginia. Age 22 yrs, 5'8", fair comp, eyes brown, hair dark, occupation; Blacksmith. Discharge: Suffers from shell wound and chronic disease. 2) Proof of Marriage: "Mason Co. West Virginia Marriages, June 29, 1850-April 01, 1861, Marriage Book 2, Page 014" Searls (no "E") Jacob H. and Jividen, Josephine 24 Aug 1860 3) Jacob and Josephine lived in Onawa, Iowa, then moved to Sioux City, Iowa. 4) 1870 Meigs County, Ohio, Columbia Twp Census Searls, Jacob H age 29 Blacksmith 250 200 Ohio Josephine 32 keeping house VA Jasper 07 VA James 06 VA Flora 04 OH Edgar 02 OH 5) 1880 Pike Co. OH, Pebble Twp. Searles, J H 39 blacksmith OH OH OH Josephine 40 VA VA NY Jasper N. 18 Farm Hand VA VA VA James 16 VA VA VA Flora J. 14 OH VA VA Edgar J. 12 OH VA VA John A. 10 OH VA VA Homer C. 08 OH VA VA Charles 06 OH VA VA Josephine 04 OH VA VA 6) Feb 24, 1874: Harvey and Eliza M. Wells to Jacob H. Searles: lot 534, 533, 547 Town of Wellston, Jackson Co., OH, witness Josephine M. Ogle 7) The 1876 book -- Centennial Sketches, Map & Directory of Union Co., Iowa 1876 lists a Searl in New Hope Township. Due to other errors that I know of in the book, this could quite possibly be a misspelling of Searles. He is shown on the NW 1/4 of Section 13, New Hope Township. In the directory listing the following entry is made: Searl, J. M. (name); Illinois (nativity); Thayer (post office); farmer (occupation); 1873 (came to county); 13 (section); 160 (acres owned). This may or may not be relevant for your search. It is also the only information that I could find anywhere in the book. 8) Dec 5, 1874: Harvey and Eliza Wells to Jacob H. Searles, Jackson Co. Ohio, townof Wellston lots 536 and 428. witness Julia B. Foraker. 9) April 14, 1877: Henry and Eliza Wells to H.H.Searls, Jackson Co., OH, Wellston lot 427. Witness Waldo Murray. 10) Deed Book 11 pg 33, Apr 14, 1877: J.H. Searles to Harvey Wells, Jackson Co., OH, Wellston lot 428. Witness W.W.Girton. 11) Apr 17, 1877: Deed book 11 pg 26 Jackson Co., OH: J.H.and Josephine Searles to Wm. B. Lewis, St lot 427 & 428. Witness W. W. Guton. 12) Mar 11, 1881: Deed book 13, pg 555: Jacob and Josephine Searls to Wm. B. Lewis, Jackson Co., OH, lot 534 Wellston. Witness James E. Searls. 13) 1900 Census Monona Co., IA, Onowa Twp p 191 Searles, Jacob H. Nov 1840 59, 38 yrs married, OH, OH, WV Josephine, Mar 1838, 62 yrs, 10 children, 09 living WV, NC, NY 14) Obit: Sioux City Journal on June 1, 1903 DEATH'S SUMMONS IS SUDDEN Jacob H. Searles Drops Dead at His Home, Aged 63 Years Jacob H. Searles, age 63 of 106 Sixth Street, a real estate man who had an office in the Masonic Temple, last evening carried a bucket of water upstairs at his residence, and upon reaching the top, gasped from the exertion and died within five minutes. Mrs Searles was near his side when he began to choke and cry for breath, and she assisted him to his bed. To lie down caused him pain and he had to be propped up. A Doctor was sent for, but before the Physician could arrive, Mr Searles was dead. "Mr Searles contracted eczema in the army during the Civil War, Mrs Searles said, and this bothered him all the time. He frequently complained of his heart being weak. Today, however, he had not complained and he seemed in his usual health. He always liked to cook the Sunday dinner and he did the cooking for the dinner today, having his own way in the kitchen and greatly enjoying himself. This evening he went out to the yard and brought a bucket of water upstairs. The exertion of climbing up the stairs must have brought on the attack, for I know nothing else which could. He clutched at his throat as he gasped for breath, but the only relief we could give him was to hold him up. It seemed to me that he choked to death." Mr Searles family came to Sioux City eleven years ago from Onawa, where they had resides for many years. He was a member of the Hanson Post G.A.R., of Onawa. Although Mr. Searles was a native of Ohio, having been born in Meggs County, Ohio, he served through the war with a West Virginia regiment. The wife and nine children survive Mr Searles. The children are as follows: Homer, a clerk for L.O. Harrow; (probably in Sioux City) Mrs R.E. Pack of Cole's Addition (probably Sioux City); Jasper, Onawa; John and Mrs Flora Ashby, Eaton, Colorado; James a patient at the state hospital in Cherokee (Cherokee State Hospital in Cherokee Iowa); Edgar J., a patient at the state hospital in Yankton (Yankton State Hospital in Yankton Iowa); Charles, Chicago; Mrs Blanch Sloan, Kennebec Iowa. No arrangements for the funeral have been made last night. 15) Another Obit: Tribune on June 1. 1903 HE EXPIRED QUICKLY Jacob H. Searles, Aged 63, Dies of Heart Failure. While carrying a bucket of water upstairs, at his home, 106 6th Street, Jacob H. Searles, a real estate man was taken suddenly ill last evening about 7:00 clock. Ten minutes later he died. He expired before a physician could reach him. His ailment was fatty degeneration of the heart. Mrs Searles was at his side when he began to choke and gasp for breath. He reached the top of the stairs, but had to be carried to his bed. The man frequently complained of trouble with his heart, but yesterday he seemed unusually well. The exertion of carrying the the bucket of water upstairs is credited with having brought on the fatal attack.The family lives in the upstairs rooms at the sixth street address. Mr Searles office was in the Masonic Temple, Fifth and Douglas Streets. (Sioux City) (I can't read all the info of next paragraph but this is part of what it says) The family came from Onawa (Iowa) in 18?? and lived in Sioux City all but two of the years of which they had returned to Onawa. Deceased was a member of the Hanson Post G.A.R. of Onawa. He served through the war in a West Virginia Regiment. He was from Meggs County. Ohio. and died at the age of 63 years. 16) 1920 Census, Woodbury Co. IA, Sioux City, page 3b-4a Fitzgerald, Horace 34, IN, unk, unk Blanch 37, wife, IA, OH, IA Carlisle S. 19, son IA, IN, IA Ruth O. 15, dau, IA, IN, IA Samuel 09, IA, IN, IA SEARLES, JOSEPHINE 82, MOTHER IN LAW, WIDOW, WV, UNK, WV

1838 West Virginia - 1921 Iowa
photo of Josephine Jividen>
             <font size= Josephine Jividen
1) Proof of Marriage: "Mason Co. West Virginia Marriages, June 29, 1850-April 01, 1861, Marriage Book 2, Page 014" Searls (no "E") Jacob H. and Jividen, Josephine 24 Aug 1860 2) 1920 Census, Woodbury Co. IA, Sioux City, page 3b-4a Fitzgerald, Horace 34, IN, unk, unk Blanch 37, wife, IA, OH, IA Carlisle S. 19, son IA, IN, IA Ruth O. 15, dau, IA, IN, IA Samuel 09, IA, IN, IA SEARLES, JOSEPHINE 82, MOTHER IN LAW, WIDOW, WV, UNK, WV 3) Died 31 May 1903 Woodbury Co., IA, Sioux City.

victorian pen and ink email

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Until the proof of these lines has been documented
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