american flag swag  
the american flag but with only 20 stars
                                                                                                   union and confederate flags crossed                                                                                                                                               union and confederate flags crossed

"It was the greatest war in American history.
3 million fought - 600,000 died.
It was the only war fought on American soil by Americans"
(quote used with permission by http.//

                                                                                     This war pit brother against brother and in the case of
                                                                                          my family lines;  cousin against cousin.

a union soldier with flag a confederate soldier with flag

civil war rifle

My 2nd Great Grandfather

Jacob was born 1846 in NY. He fought in the
Civil War

Union Wisconsin Volunteers 16 WI Inf Co H, B Pvt
M559 roll- 11
Organized at Madison, Wis., and mustered in January 31, 1862.
Left State for St. Louis, Mo., March 13, thence
moved to Pittsburt Landing, Tenn., March 14-20.
Attached to 1st Brigade, 6th Division, Army of the Tennessee,
to July, 1862. 1st Brigade, 6th Division District of Corinth, Miss.,
to November, 1862. 1st Brigade, 6th Division, Left Wing 13th Army
Corps (Old), Dept. of the Tennessee, to December, 1862. 1st Brigade,
6th Division, 16th Army Corps, to January, 1863. 1st Brigade 6th
Division, 17th Army Corps to September, 1863. 1st Brigade, 1st Division,
17th Army Corps, to April, 1864. 1st Brigade, 3rd Division, 17th Army
Corps, to July, 1865. Service. Battle of Shiloh, Tenn, April 6-7, 1862.
Advance on and seige of Corinth, Miss., April 29-May 30. Duty at
Corinth till September 17. Battle of Corinth, October 5-12.Ordered
to Grand Junction November 2 and duty there till November 28. Grant's Central
Mississippi Campaign. Operations on the Mississippi Central Railroad to
December 28. Moved to Moscow and duty along Memphis & Charleston Railroad
till January 10, 1863. Moved to Memphis, Tenn., January 10, thence to Young's
Point, LA., January 17, and to Lake Providence March 8. Action at Old River,
Lake Providence, February 10. Provost duty at Lake Providence till August.
Pin Hook and Caledonia Bayou. Macon, May 10. Expedition to Mechanicsburg May
26-June 4. Near Lake Providence June 9. Moved to Red Bone Church August 1 and
duty there till February 5, 1864. Garrison duty at Vicksburg till March 4.
Veterans on furlough March and April. Non-veterans on duty at Vicksburg till
April 5, then joined Regiment at Cairo, Ill. Veterans moved to Cairo, Ill.,
April 20-22. Moved to Clifton, Tenn., May 4, thence march to Ackworth, Ga. via
Huntsville and Decatur, Ala., and Rome, Ga., May 5-June 8. Atlanta (Ga.) Campaign
June 8-September 8. Operations about Marietta and against Kenesaw Mountain June
10-July 2. Brush Mountain June 15. Assault on Kenesaw Mountain June 27.
Nickajack Creek July 2-5. Howell's Ferry July 5. Chattahoochie River July 5-17.
Leggett's or Bald Hill July 20-21. Battle of Atlanta July 22-July 28. Siege of
Atlanta July 22-August 25. Flank movement on Jonesboro August 25-30. Battle of
Jonesboro August 31-September 1. Lovejoy Station September 2-6. Operations
against Hood in North Georgia and North Alabama September 29-November 3. March
to the sea November 15-December 10. Siege of Savannah December 10-21. Campaign
of the Carolinas January to April, 1865. Pocotaligo, S.C., January 14.
Reconnoissance to Salkehatchie River January 25. Barker's Mills, Whippy Swamp,
February 1. February 2-5 Binnaker's Bridge, South Edisto, Febryary 9. Orangeburg
February 11-12. Columbia February 16-17. Averysboro, NC march 16. Battle of
Bentonville March 19-21. Occupation of Goldsboro March 24. Advance on Raleigh
April 10-14. Occupation of Raleigh April 14. Bennett's House April 26.
Surrender of Johnston and his army. March to Washington, D. C., via Richmond,
VA., April 29-May 19. Grand Review May 24. Moved to Louisville, KY., June 7.
Mustered out July 12, 1865. Regiment lost during service 6 Officers and 141
Enlisted men killed and mortally wounded, and 4 Officers and 248 Enlisted men
by disease. Total 399.

civil war sword

2) David Phillips
My 3rd Great Grandfather

I am currently trying
to find the records.

civil war rifle

3) Rev. William M. Snethen
My 3rd Great Grandfather

I am currently trying to find the records
He was buried in "Soldiers Cemetery", in IA

civil war sword

4) Frederick Augustus Scheer
My 2nd Great Grandfather

I found several with his name,
I am trying to sort out correct one.

a union soldier with flag a confederate soldier with flag



photo of admiral george dewey
Civil War and Spanish American War

line rainbow with notes on the ends

This is the family relationship between
Sarah Elizabeth Rose
and Admiral George Dewey:

Our common ancestors are William Palmer
and Francis Blossom

Admiral George Dewey's line descends
through William and Francis's daughter,
Sarah Ann Palmer, in this way;

William and Francis (Blossom) Palmer's
daugher, Sarah Ann Palmer, Sarah Rowley,
Joseph Hatch, Amy Hatch, Jabez Delano,
Elijah Yemans, Prudence Yemans, Julius
Yemans Dewey, Admiral George Dewey.

Sarah Elizabeth Rose's line descends through
William and Francis's son, Henry Palmer
in this way:

William and Francis Palmer, Henry Palmer,
Deborah Palmer, Hannah Jones, Deborah
DeWolf, Phebe Huntley, Bethuel Miller,
Eber Miller, Bethuel -2- Miller, Samuel
Eber Miller, Then four more generations
down to myself.

Since Admiral George Dewey,
and my ancestor, Samuel Eber Miller,
are 8th cousins, and since there are
4 more generations between Admiral
George Dewey and myself,
he and I are therefore, 8th Cousins,
Four times removed.

(Thank you Cousin Kit Johnson for bringing the
possibility of this family connection
to my attention / and Thank you Wayne Ohlsson,
for helping me with connecting
some of the missing vital links.  
Wayne has requested I remind folks
that this line has still not been corroborated--
if you have proof of any type for any
of Admiral Dewey's line mentioned here,
please contact me)



George Dewey was born on 26 December 1837 in
Montpelier, Vermont. He was enrolled in the Military
Academy in Norwich at the age of 14, and in 1854 he
received an appointment to the US Naval Academy.  
He entered with a class of 60, and graduated 5th in a class
of 15 in 1857. He was commissioned a Lieutenant in 1861.
During the Civil War he served on the USS Mississippi,
at the Battle of New Orleans, and was part of the
Atlantic Blockade. In 1889 Dewey was appointed Chief
of the Bureau of Equipment. In 1895, he became the
President of the board of Inspection and Survey.
He was promoted in 1896 to Commodore, and In 1897,
with the assistance of President Mckinley, and Theodore
Rossevelt, (Assistant Sec. of the navy), was promoted to
Commander of the Asiatic Squadron. On April 24th, 1898
the US declared war on Spain.  On May 1st. he engaged
the Spanish forces, inflicting very heavy casualties.
From May until August, his troops alone, were responsible
for holding both the bay, and Manila itself, until General
Wesley Merritt's soldiers could arrive.In August Dewey
was relieved of his occupation of Manila by Gen. Wesley
Merrit and the US Army. In May 1898, Dewey’s victory
was announced, and he became a National Hero. Also at
this time Congress appointed him to the rank of Rear
Admiral. In March of the following year, President
McKinley appointed Dewey to the rank of Admiral
of the Navy.On April 3rd, 1900, Dewey announced his
candidacy for President, but withdrew later to accept
the position of President of the General Board of the Navy.
He published his autobiography in 1913.Admiral
Dewey died in Washington DC on 16 Jan. 1917 and was
buried in Arlington National Cemetery.


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line patriotic red white and blue


photo of admiral george dewey  

This is the family relationship between
Sarah Elizabeth Rose and General Lee:

Our common ancestors are Hugh -4-
Courtenay, and Margaret De Bohun

General Lee's line descends through
Hugh and Margaret's daughter,
Margaret De Courtenay in this way;

Margaret De Courtenay, Joan Cobham,
Joan De La ole, Joan Braybrooke,
Edward Brooke, Elizabeth Brooke,
Robert-2-Tanfield, William Tanfield,
Francis Tanfield, Anne Tanfield, Elizabeth
Vincent, Dorothy Lane, Richard Randolph,
COL. William Randolph, Elizabeth Randolph,
Mary Bland, Henry II Lee, Henry Lee, Gen
Robert Edward Lee

Sarah Elizabeth Rose's line descends through
Hugh and Margaret's son, Sir Edward
 Courtenay in this way:

Sir Edward Courtenay, Hugh -5- Courtenay,
Hugh -6-Courtenay, Elizabeth Courtenay,
Thomas Tretherff, Margaret Tretherff, Francis
 (Sheriff) Buller, Sir Richard Buller, Katherine
Buller, richard (Img) Parker, Richard (Pilgrim)
Parker, Elizabeth (Pilgrim) Parker, Parker
(Rev War) Adkins, Susanna Adkins, Margaret
McGriff, Susannah Harless, Suzanna Jane
James, Lydia Jane Snethen, Bessie Susie
Scheer, , Then two more generations
down to myself.

Since General Robert Lee,
and my ancestor, Bessie Susie Scheer,
are 18th cousins, and since there are
3 more generations between Gen Lee
 and myself, he and I are therefore,
18th Cousins,
three times removed.


General Lee, is the son of Revolutionary War hero Henry "Light Horse Harry" Lee .
He graduated 2nd in his class at the United States Military Academy. Afterward
he was commissioned as an Army Engineer, he helped build the St. Louis aterfront.
He also worked on coastal forts in Brunswick and Savannah. He married Mary Custis
the granddaughter of George Washington. In 1845 He served in the Mexican War under
the command of General Winfield Scott. After the war, he was stationed near D.C.,
where he was called upon to put down the rebellion at Harper Ferry. Colonel Lee, and a
detachment of U.S. marines, were rushed by by train to Harper's Ferry where they
captured John Brown, the Abolitionist, and his followers. When seven states seceded;
(South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana,
and Texas.), Gen Scott asked Col Lee to take command for the United States Army
and put down the rebellion which John Brown's actions had greatly stirred up.
However, Lee decided instead to follow Jefferson Davis,the elected President of the
Confederate States of America. Davis commissioned Lee to the rank of General in the
Confederate States of America, and made him advisor to President Davis and the
Secretary of War. General Lee's braveness ability to strategize, and willingness to take
risks, made him more than a match for every General that Lincoln sent against him
until Gen. Grant defeated him through the "Battle of Attrition". Lee's greatest victory
was the Battle of Chancellorsville in May of 1863. He was faced with a larger army led
by fighting Joe Hooker. Lee and his most trusted lieutenant, Gen. Stonewall Jackson
divided their forces, and through a forced march, were able to defeat the union forces
once again. The greatest land battle in the Western Hemisphere, was fought at
Gettysburg, Pa., on July 1st, 2nd,3rd. Between the Army of Northern Virginia led by
Lee, and the Army of the Potomac led by the newly appointed General George Meade.
It was a real slaughter. On the 3rd day of the battle General Lee ordered a great frontal
assault, known afterward as "Pickett's Charge". This attack was a huge failure, but in
spite of that, this fighting continued on for two more years! General Lee surrendered at
Appomatox Court House on April 9, 1865, bringing the American Civil War to an end
because as the other Confederate field commanders heard of General Lee's surrender,
they realized they too would have to surrender, and that is what they did. After the war
Lee was almost tried as a traitor. His civil rights were suspended and he had to settle for
a job as the President of Washington University where he served until his death in 1870.
It wasn't until much later, that President Gerald Ford was finally able to
have General Lee's citizenship restored (posthumously).

line patriotic red white and blue

My 3rd Cousin 5 times removed
Jacob was born 1841 in Meigs, Co., OH.
He fought in the Civil War (Union)
as follows taken from The Soldiers
Discharg Book 1&2 Vol 1 page 296;

1a) Enlisted Nov. 20 -1861 age 25 Ohio In company
C, 3rd Cavalry Regiment Ohio Transferred on 01 April
from company C to compact K He was a Blacksmith .

1b) 1st Corporal, unit Company K, 13th Regiment, West
Virginia Volunteers, Infantry. Enrolled Oct 03, 1863.
Discharged June 22, 1865 at Wheeling West Virginia.
Age 22 yrs, 5'8", fair comp, eyes brown, hair dark,
occupation; Blacksmith. Discharge: Suffers from
shell wound and chronic disease.

line patriotic red white and blue

9th Great Grandfather,
John Huntley of Lyme, CT.
And all are recorded in
Virgil Huntley's Books;
"John Huntley
of Lyme, CT" Vols 1 and 2.
8) Pvt Leander G. Huntley (an artist),
Co. E., 29th WI Vol Inf
9) Pvt Levi Loring Huntley b: 1843,
Enlisted 22 June 1864
Co H, 2nd MA Vol Inf
Died of disease in chattanoga, TN 28 Nov 1864
10) Pvt Reuben Huntley b: 1823,
Co. K, 6th WI Vol Inf
Died at Battle of South Mountain, MD,
14 Sep 1862
11) Pvt / CPL Moses H. Huntley
Co G, 52nd IL Vol Inf
Wounded at Battle of Pittsburg Landing, TN
06 Apr 1862
Wounded 2nd time at Corinth, MS 04 Oct 1862
Treated on the Hospital Boat; City of Memphis
Pension # 135580
12) Pvt Jabez L. Huntley b: 1822 NY
Co D, 25th WI Vol Inf
Killed at Battle of Atlanta, GA 22 Jul 1864
13) Cpl Truman D. Huntley Co B, 5th MN Vol Inf
Enlisted 17 Jan 1862 / discharged 27 Apr 1863
Discharged for disability

and afterward rec'd an Appointment from
the state of MN as 2nd LT in the 12th Regt. MN
State Militia on 13 Jul 1863 Pension # 492633
14) Pvt / Sgt Columbus W. Huntley
b 1829 (Farmer)
Co F, 92nd NY Vol Inf
Enlisted in Pierrepont Twp.
St. Lawrence Co., 21 Nov 1861
Mustered out at New Berne, NC 27 Dec 18 63
Upon Reenlistment was Promoted to Sgt
01 Jun 1864
Killed in action at Chaffin's Farm,
near Richmond, VA 29 Sep 1864
15) Pvt / Cpl Frederick Mortimer Huntley
(Carpenter & Pattern Maker)
Co D, MI Engineers and Mechanics
Enlisted at Grand Rapids,
MI 15 Aug 1864
Promoted to Cpl 01 Nov 1864
16) Lt. Valorus S. Huntley b: 1832
Enlisted 10 Oct 1862, 92nd
NY Vol Inf
Discharged at Harrison's Landing,
VA 12 Jul 1862
17) Cpl Oscar F. Huntley b: 1835
Enlisted at Ogdensburgh,
NY 27 Aug 1862
Served in Co 1, 106th NY Vol Inf
Died at Sickles Hospital, Alexandria,
VA 19 Jun 1864
from a wound received in the
Battle of Cold Harbor.
18) Pvt James Francis Huntleyb: 1878
Enlisted 09 Aug 1862
Co., D, 95th OH Inf
And in the Signal Corps,
US Army discharged 26 Jun 1865
19) Ezra Warren Huntley b: 1836 NY
(Wagon Maker)
Pension # 123926
20) Pvt John Van Winkle Huntley
b: 1831 Co G, 82nd
OH Vol Inf And in Co A, 133rd, OH N.G. Inf
Pension # 539800
Member of GAR Post # 21,
North Yamhill, OR 1890
21) Sgt. Edwin Huntley b: 1838
Co. H, 9th NY Vol Cavalry
Enlisted 05 Jul 1861 / discharged 31
May 1863 Reenlisted 04 Feb 1864
Discharged 17 Jul 1865
Pension # 277793
22) Cpl Robert Adelbert Huntley b: 1845 MI
Enlisted09 Mar 1865 Co G, 15th IL Inf
Discharged 16 Sep 1865
Pension # 659891
23) Cpl Theodore E. Huntley b: 1843
Enlisted at Jackson,
MI 19 Aug 1864 Co. F, 28th MI Inf
Discharged at Raleigh,
NC 05 Jun 1866
24) Pvt Harrison Huntley b: 1826 OH
Enlisted 27 Aug 1862
Co A, 27th, OH Vol Inf
Discharged 31 May 1865
25) Pvt Henry Huntley b: 1828 OH
Enlisted 27 Aug 1862
Co A 27th OH Vol Inf
Discharged 16 Feb 1864
26) Sgt Henry H. Huntley b: 1838 OH
(Cabinet Maker)
Enlisted 29 Feb 1864 Co K, 71st IL Inf
Wounded in Battle of Allatoona, GA
05 Oct 1864
discharged 10 Jul 1865
Pension # 702828
27) Pvt George Lewis Huntley b: 1836 OH
Enlisted 22
Apr 1861 Co G 14th OH Vol Inf
Discharged 13 Aug 1861
Toledo, OH Also: Pvt in Co E 192nd OH Vol Inf
Discharged with
company at Winchester, VA 01 Sep 1865
Pension # 388001
28) Pvt Richard P. Hundley b: 1838 CT
Co A, 10th IL Inf
29) Pvt Cornelius M. Huntley b: 1837 PA
Enlisted 11 Sep 1861
Co I, 52nd IL Vol Inf
Wounded in the neck by a gun shot and
discharged 04 may 1863
Pension # 41,850
30) Pvt William Huntley b: 1829 OH
Co F, 176th
OH Vol Inf
Pension 69, 283
31) Pvt Selden Huntley 1835 CT
Enlisted 28 Oct 1861 TN
Inf CSA under Capt. James W. Gillespie
AWOL during Jan and Feb Muster
Classified as a
deserter on 15 Mar 1862
32) Pvt Francis Anson Huntley b: 1842 NY
Enlisted 26 Sep 1861 (Drummer)
Co C, 11th WI
Vol Inf discharged 14 Dec 1864
Pension # 707665
33) Pvt Williwm Adriel Huntley b: 1836 IL
Co K, 11th IL Vol Cavalry
Pension # 968, 587
34) Cpl Charles Trustee Huntley b: 1842 ME
Enlisted 1862
Co K, 1st ME Hvy Artillery
Badly wounded in a leg at the Battle of
Spotsylvania Court House 19 May 1864
and used a cane the rest of his life
Discharged with Surgeon Certificate of
Disability 04 Mar 1865
35) Sgt James Winfield Huntley
b: 1840 ME (Millman)
Enlisted 07 Aug 1862 Co K 1st ME Hvy Artillery
Discharged near Washington, DC o6 Jun 1865
Pension # 341,631
36) Pvt Abiel Day Huntley b: 1836 ME
Enlisted 14 Jun 1861 Co A, 7th ME Vol Inf
Discharged 06 Jun 1862
37) Pvt Isaac Smith Huntley III b: 1841/44 ME
Co C 16th ME Vol Inf
Pension # 466,387
38) Pvt George Richard Huntley b: 1837 NY
Co G 11th MI Inf
39) Pvt Andrew Huntley b: 1828 PA
Co B 31st WI Vol Inf
40) Pvt Joseph Benjamin Huntley
(Cabinet Maker)
b: 1841 NY Co D 1st NY Light Artillery
Discharged for disability 18 Nov 1862
pension # 394,004
41) Pvt Seneca D. Huntley
(Carpenter and Joiner)
b: 1834 NY Co C 10th NY Heavy Artillery
42) Pvt Frederick H. Huntley
b: 1840 OH Co A 24th OH Inf
43) Pvt Henry S. Huntley
b: 1845 Co A 5th Regt VT Vols
44) Pvt Calvin E. Huntley (Well Driller)
Co D, Bracketts BN, MN Cavalry
45) Pvt Permanes F. Huntley
Enlisted at age 43.
Co M, 1st Regt. MN Heavy Artillery
Discharged 27 Sep 1865
Member James George
Post # 23 Dept of MN GAR
46) Pvt Lewis Huntley
b: 1824 NY Co F 8th MI
Cavalry Member Stanton Post,
Dept of MN GAR
47) Silence E. Huntley b: 1825
Enlisted 1862 Co A 31st Regt, WI Inf
Served until end of war
48) Henry Huntley b: 1837
Co G 13th Regt, WI Inf
49) James Johnson Huntley b: 1837
Sgt / 2nd LT / 1st LT / Capt in
Co B 9th MI Inf
50) Justin Ray Huntley b: 1846
Enlisted 01 Apr 1864
Co E 44th Regt, NY, Inf
Special Orderly to Brig -
General J.J. Bartlett
51) Lt Col Judson J. Huntley
37th IL Vol Inf
1st LT / Capt / Maj / Lt. Col
Severly wounded in
The Battle of Pea Ridge,
Arkansas appt Aide - de - Camp to
Brig General Lawler

animated; two soldiers riding horses.  I think these are confederate but I'm not positive about that animated; a lone soldier riding a horse.  I think he's confederate but I'm not positive about that

an animated civil war canon which is shooting canon balls

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the front cover of my poetry book, A Tribute To Life
the front cover of my poetry book, A Tribute To Life