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This award is from Australia
family shield type crest white and green
It is with great pleasure
that I give you this award.
You have a wonderful web site
and certainly deserve the award.

cream and gold with yellow flowers
Congratulations! I am so pleased to award to your site
BOTH of my genealogy awards.

three little girls dressed up fancy and wearing pearls and flowers
I found your site very appealing
and an asset to the genealogy community!!
Keep up the terrific work!!
Happy Researching!! Paula

This Award is from France
picture of man and woman appears to be from the mid to late 19th century american west
We Found your site very impressive,
you've done an excellent job.
Your genealogy report is very well done.
Keep up the professional work.

This Award is from Hawaii 
Souther Family Association Genealogy Award of 
Presented to
Tribute to my Ancestors
13 June 2003

Not Linked by request
lavender winged pegassus on a blue background
I'd love to give your beautiful site
my Award of Excellence.
I think your graphics are well thought out
and your whole site is interesting.
I read your poetry and liked it, especially the second one.
It was interesting reading about your black sheep ancestors.
I'm sure we've all got a few of them in our family history.
Congratulations and good luck for the future.

infant angel sitting in a flowering tree

You have done a great job with your site.
Well put together and easy to manage.
Good luck in the future.
Ruth Anne

This award is from South Africa

gold dove with wings in flight on dark background with gold frame
You have won my Award based on
the ease of navigation, content, graphic quality,
page layout and design of your site.

cream and pale pink background with gold lettering and no picture
What a great site!
I found your site to be very interesting
as well as great in design!
I could really tell that you put alot of time
and hard work into it!

blue background with black lettering and a small picture but I can't tell what it is
After our review of your site, we have determined
that you have met or exceeded all of our
award requirements.
We have issued you this award for your hard work.
We had a very enjoyable visit and we are
appreciative of your efforts to bring
quality viewing to the Internet.

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